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Can you help us "bring the outside world in" to older people who live alone? Could you raise some money or volunteer to train as a Home Visitor? Our Home Visiting Service has been running for year and has changed some peoples lives for the good.

This is a local, independent charity run by local people for local people supporting people of all ages in making life for older people a better experience  

All our income will be spent on local people in the rural communities of Okehampton and district


Committed to an independence of purpose, voice and action in the community we aim to help older people stay in their own homes for as long as they want to

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  • Home Visiting

    Our Home Visiting service can help those who live away to know that their relatives are not forgotten or ignored. Click on the ENQUIRY button above for all requests and enquiries or simply take the opportunity to talk to someone.

  • Safety at Home

    Get your No Cold callers card today.
    You are requested to leave this property. Failure to do so could be a criminal offence. Go to Contact Us

  • BT - Try before you buy centre

    We host a number of telephones designed to help older people in our Okehampton centre.


With Gift Aid we get an
extra 25% for our work

We regularly visit older people in
their homes, helping them to stay
in control of their lives and help
them to make new friends

Help us reduce loneliness in this rural
area as we help to maintain and
improve health and try to prevent falls.

                     You have given me ...
                 'a window on the world' 

                   S.... from Okehampton

           Okehampton Drop-in Centre

           Mon, Wed, Fri 10am to 1 pm 

Computer problems, upgrades, what to buy - PC or Laptop, how to use software, beat viruses, trojans and spyware one to one, small groups free telephone support online and home support visits, training centre for personal and group learning

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Registered Charity No: 1011780 
in June 1992