Policies and procedures


The following titles are provided for staff and volunteers to be able to bring a professional approach to their working with older people. They give a structure to our mission and values.  They are not a substitute for a caring, sensitive and friendly response to any enquiry or request for help.

They are also for the benefit of our funders to be able to check on the way in which we respond to and work with older people.

 ACOT Code of Practice  ACOT Maternity
 ACOT Complaints  ACOT Home Support
 ACOT Confidentiality  ACOT Mobile Phones
 ACOT Conflict of Interest  ACOT Recruitment and selection
 ACOT Diversity
 ACOT Recruitment of Ex-Offenders
 ACOT Downloads
 ACOT Reserves
 ACOT Equal Opportunities
 ACOT Safeguarding
 ACOT Good Practice Guidance
  ACOT Safeguarding Home Support
 ACOT Health and Safety
 ACOT Telephone practice
 ACOT Information Technology
 ACOT Volunteering
 ACOT Lone Worker
 ACOT Volunteering Development Manual
 ACOT Whistleblowing   

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